22 fevereiro 2011

Myungjin Kim, cerâmicas narrativas

Nascida Seoul( Korea) Myungjin Kim  vive e trabalha nos Estados Unidos. As suas peças concebidas conceptualmente para narrar vivências visuais com múltiplos pontos de vista são ilustradas com desenhos de intrincado realismo, cria estéticas inusitadas.

“Since I was an undergraduate student, I have been interested in the theme of lightness. Lightness can be explained as delightfulness, or peacefulness of mind.
I tried many different ways to express my own aesthetic interests in the past years and I think I finally found right way, hand painted porcelain vessels. The idea of vessels and containment are very important to me. As the human body holds physical form and spirit or personality which gives it’s essential element through life, vessels are given a life through their intended purpose by maker and interaction with user. I create vessel forms and paint images on them that establish a dramatic space that is both real and surreal. 

I make decision on what forms to make instinctively. The birdcage, bird nest, terrarium, perfume jar and lab glass jar are vessels that are originally made out of the material that one can see through so you simultaneously see the outside form and inside space. I am intrigued by this and I create outside/inside surrealistic dramas with multiple point perspectives related to the shape and usage of vessel .

The narratives came from ideas between the real and imaginary worlds which I purposefully intertwine. Each image implies symbolic meaning related to the vessel and life’s experience.”-  Myungjin Kim,

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