27 fevereiro 2012

Fazer do objecto comum um achado

Severija Incirauskaite é uma artista têxtil lituana que borda a ponto de cruz  objectos metálicos  do quotidiano  
Sobre o seu trabalho a artista diz:
“In my work, I take pleasure in things that are only insignificant details to most people. An ordinary human being and mundane fragments of his or her life acquire an exceptionally important meaning in my works; meanwhile, recognised icons of beauty are less important to me. A banal understanding of beauty and utilitarian things: these are the objects that interest me and inspire creation. Therefore, I use fragments of popular culture, the so-called kitsch, in my art. When they appear in a new context, like some kind of ‘quotations,’ they help to create works that reveal my personal experience and point of view.”

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